Day 28 - Diversity of life - Uphillhike
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Day 28 – Diversity of life

Today I hiked 20 miles.At mile 502.4.

The PCT is always surprising me. Nearing th Mojave valley, I expect to walk through desert and I did for a short while in the morning, but everything quickly changed as I began to move into trees. I saw a greater diversity of plant life here on the edge of the Mojave. Here is so sort of weeping pine Inhad not seen until now.

Here is an arid view in the morning.

As I drew closer to the Mojave desert, everyuaround me greened  up and I was soon seeing trees. Some tops of mountain outcrops looked like puttknygreens from a distance.

I sat under a lone tall pine for rest and a snack. After a while some type of biting ant was attacking.I moved on, but carried some ants with me. One www inside my sock and I could feel it gnawing my toe so I stopped, took off boot and sock and found the culprit.

I also had my first experience on the trail with gnats that flew in a cloud around my face when they weren’t landing on my face.

Saw two more snakes so now I am up to 9 snakes, three of which are poisonous. Here is the shorter of the 2 snakes I saw today. The orhyr appeared to be at least 4 feet long.




Here is where I reached 500 miles.


Heee is a view of the Mojave.


Herenis poison Oak.