Day 24 - Snow - Uphillhike
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Day 24 – Snow

Hiked 26.3 miles today. At mile 427.

It was a cold night and windy, but I was so worn out that I went to sleep soon after I ate. The climbing and the weight of my pack has piled on these last 3 days so that for the first time in a while, my legs are sore.

I got an early start a little before 7 am and before long it started snowing! This was a complete surprise since I had not seen this forecasted. Eventually the clouds lifted enough to end the snow, but the wind and clouds hung around all day making it the coldest day of the hike so far.

Here is snow coming down.

I finally saw a Poodle Dog Bush. Here is a photo of one. This are very posinous and should not be touched.


Here is a nice view toward end of the day.

Here are some beautiful photos of mountains and clouds.


Here is the trail


Here  is another looking back at clouds on mountains. The clouds and wind kept it cold all day long. I was able to find one southern exposure sunny spot out of the wind where I ate lunch.