Day 20 - Toughest Day Yet - Uphillhike
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Day 20 – Toughest Day Yet

Hiked 21.1 miles today. At mile 356.7

It was tough miles in the afternoon. I began a 27 mile stretch without water that also climbs from under 3000 feet to over 8000 feet.. Today I completed 3500 feet of that climb while carrying over 7 liters of water. It was down to 5 liters by day’s end. Here is my water layes out at the El Cajon McDonalds.

My left shoulder has been bothering me and I’ve tried a lot of different positions to get more comfort Today I figured out that it helped to hold the arm slightly bent across my front just like the famous Napoleon portrait. In this position I can’t use my poles to assist on the uphill. I focused on relaxing my arm and moving forward so much that I think I was in a trance while automatically climbing the trail.

When I finally reached the first tiny tent site in the side of mountain, I was really feeling the pain. Legs, shoulders, feet. Here is my campsite.

Here is the view in the other direction at my tentsite.

Here is the sunrise this morning. I started hiking at 6 AM and finished later than 6 PM. Long day even with a lot of time spent at McDonalds.

The trail this morning followed sandy washouts. It appeared that the trail could crumble down one of these deep sandy gorges at any time. Wouldn’t want to be there in an earthquake.

In the afternoon I begin climbing mountains shown in distance. Mt SAn Antonio is the one with snow.

Here  is the spooky tunnel under I-15 that the PCT uses.



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