Day 19 - Llamas - Uphillhike
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Day 19 – Llamas

Hiked 18.7 miles today, At mile 335.6

Most of the day was spent hiking above, below, and around Lake Silverwood. I hiked under the dam, then climbed up over the lake. This lake is actually the main feeder reservoir for other downstream reservoirs that supply Los Angeles with most of it’s water.


The highlight of the day was reaching the Cleghorn Picnic Shelter where there was running water and bathrooms and real civilized picnic tables to sit at and eat. To top it off, Pizza can be delivered here. I chipped in for a slice of pizza that Rocket and Lady had already ordered. Before long other PCT’ers started drifting in and by the time I left there appeared to be 5 hikers, each with their own large pizza.

Here is Rick with his hiking llamas on the PCT. He used to use horses, but switched to llamas 3 or 4 years ago. Llamas don’t deserve their reputation for bad behavior. Their spitting is usually directed at one another. All these years and Rick has only been spit on 2 or 3 times. While I was standing there, the brown llama spit on the white llama. It was more like a big spray than a spit. You don’t want to be spit upon because it is a smelly mix of digestive juices straight out of their ruminating stomachs.

One of the dams holding back Lake Silverwood. PCT passes right below dam.





Lizzard buddies. I’m on mile 336 and at 100 lizards per mile, iI estimate that I have seen 33,600 lizards so far. Bet that I will see lizards tomorrow!



They are always telling us to turn off water faucets completely at PCT water tanks. Well, here is the California Water Authority that missed turning off the faucet at the Silverwood dam!