Day 18 - Hot Springs Ahhh that feels good! - Uphillhike
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Day 18 – Hot Springs Ahhh that feels good!

Hiked 22.1 miles today, At mile 318

I’m laying here under the stars in the California desert with the Big Dipper, handle down in front of me. It is a pleasant cool windless night. I’ve dropped 2000 feet since last night’s camp. Great place to type a blog.

The highlight of the day was hot springs and the hike down deep creek gorge. For miles I walked along the wall of the gorge gazing down at deep pools of water hundreds of feet below. It seemed like all hikers were looking forward to soaking tired feet and sore muscles in the hot spring. I managed to hike the 12 miles to the hot springs by 11:30 am.

There are actually several hot springs each with a catch basin that bathers could sit in. The hot water trickles out of the hillside where it combines with the cold water of Deep Creek. My first priority was to take off my boots and soak my sore feet, next I sat on the beach and ate lunch. Usually food comes first, but there isn’t always a hot spring. Only after I had eaten did I ease my sore body into the warm water. Next was a swim in the cold waters of Deep Creek followed by more warm water and a snooze in the warm sun on the beach. This place was hard to leave, but I had the PCT to hike.

Bridge over Deep Creek.

Popular spot for camping on the beach below. PCT thru-hikers camped

Deep Creek Gorge

Flowers along the gorge.

Hot Springs. This is just one of the hot baths. These springs are remote. Everyone has to hike in.

Trail at lower end of Deep Creek gorge.

Spillway of Mojave Dam. Designed to dam up Deep Creek, this’s dam isn’t farming anything. Is that ok to say?

Deep Creek passing through Mojave Dam

Flowers in the desert foothills