Day 17 - What a Pinecone! - Uphillhike
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Day 17 – What a Pinecone!

Hiked 20.9 miles today, at mile 295.9

My pack is heavier, but I am eating much better. With plenty of snacks, I munch when my energy gets low. This morning I had a no-cook breakfast, cold coffee and 2 pop tarts. Last night I had avocado on triscuits. I’ve added cooked turkey sausage to my pantry. Tonight I made Couscous with sausage gravy loaded with sausage. I ate some of it in a tortilla. Hikers will tell you that anything can be wrapped in a tortilla. Usually a PCT hiker will put whatever is available in a tortilla be it peanut butter, candy, or instant mashed potatoes or all 3 mixed together.

Today was the first time I ran into a hiker that I hadn’t seen in many days. Saw Cricket who I first met at Scissors Crossing with her boyfriend. We had shared Apple Pie trail magic. Cricket’s boyfriend had to get off the trail due to foot issues, but Cricket is still going strong. There was a pretty good hiker group around me today. Also saw Buckwheat, age 65, who I hadn’t seen since Mission Creek. Everyone stopped at the first crossing of Holcomb creek for water and to visit. At first it was just me eating lunch at the creek, but before long we had 6 or 7 people. It was a windy lunch and a cold day. I spent a most of the day hiking in fleece pants and a down vest.

Now here are the photos. I followed Holcomb creek with a ridge to my left and one to my right. The one to the left was North facing and covered with large trees. To my right, the south facing slope was desert with short brush. Similar ridges in all respects other than how the sun hit. See following 2 photos for this contrast.

View if Big Bear Lake

Holcomb Creek. I followed the gorge for this creek the entire 2nd half of the day.

Trail and other photos