Day 14 - A strange wondrous place - Uphillhike
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Day 14 – A strange wondrous place

Hiked 20.7 miles today. At mile 256.2

”It’s gonna be alright, Everything is going to be fine at the end of the line.”

The End of The Line

by The Traveling Wilburys

Today I started at 6000 ft and climbed to over 8000 ft. I spent the remainder of the day walking at elevations of 8000 – 8500 feet. This made it much cooler and pleasant than the miles walking up Mission Creek gorge yesterday.

Today’s view of Mission Creek Gorge from above. There are little green areas around the creek and even muddy and swampy spots in the trail, but that was yesterday. Today, I was all above that.

There is no camping in a 17 mile fire closure area which means you have to walk at least 17 miles. The authorities don’t want dead burned trees falling on you while you sleep.

Here is the warning sign for walking through this area.


Tonight I am camping with the same group of people I camped with before the closure area. The night before we had over a dozen people in a 2 person tent site. Tonight we have much more room. Some of my camp mates even built a campfire. Weed is legal in California, but not on federal lands and since this is federal, the campfire circle were sure not? to smoke weed around the campfire.

At this elevation, it is a much colder night.

Here are some of the burned trees. It was a little challenge to get around a few big trees that fell in the trail. Only the first mile or so was badly burned


Here is a view of snow on the highest mountain in Southern California, San Gorgonio Mountain at 11,503 feet.

Box below is Trail Magic where I got a Coke. I was running low on food and this helped keep me going. By the time I get to Big Bear resupply tomorrow, all my food will be eaten. If anyone wants to meet me, I’ll be in Big Bear most of the day tomorrow. Only 10 mile hike to Big Bear. Staying the night at Big Bear Hostel.

Another trail magic spot. This one provides a couch. I sat around all day on this couch in the middle of nowhere. Not so strange when you consider we are talking about California and the PCT.

Grizzley Bear. Yes, we are in a strange and womderous place where Grizzley Bears, Tigers, and Lions are on the PCT. This is a zoo up at 8000 feet in the remote mountains. The near was walking around until I started to take  photo, then he layed down and would not get up. This zoo is literally on the trail. You don’t have to step off the trail to see it. It’s owners use the animals for Hollywood movies, etc.

Bear is hard to spot laying down in cage. Look for brown. By the way, grizzly and couch in the middle of nowhere is all true, I wasn’t smok’in.


Trees and the trail