Day 13 - Tarp pitched like a bedspread - Uphillhike
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Day 13 – Tarp pitched like a bedspread


Hiked 24.2 miles today. At mile 235.5.

It rained on me overnight. The wind was very strong so I had not bothered pitching the tarp. It wouldn’t have held up to that wind. Seeing dark clouds, I staked the tarp spread on the ground. I staked 3 upwind corners and places large rocks over each stake. This covered my sleeping pad, etc like a blanket. I slipped under the tarp at the unstaked corner. All night the tarp was flapping directly on my body and face. When the rain came one stake pulled loose and I got up and secured it. Not a restful way to sleep, but I stayed out of the wind and rain.

Just north of I-10 is San Gorgonio Wilderness. It is the prettiest area I’ve seen on the PCT so far. I wanted to turn around and hike it again. The trail traverses big open spaces as it winds around gorges. It was full of wildflowers and even the lizards seemed playful.

Most of the rest of the day was spent climbing up Mission Creek Canyon. It was hot, but the trail frequently crossed the creek where there was cool shade.

I walked through a farm today. A wind farm.

Mountain view reward after sumiting out of very hot gorge just beyond Mesa wind farm. I’ll bet you can’t spot the cows.

Whitewater river in distance

The most difficult water crossing on PCT in Southern California.

Playful lizards are friendlier at San Gorgonio. In the desert they are unsociable and run away.


Paper Bag Flower

Wildflowers at Incredible San Gorgonio