Day 10 - Climbing - Uphillhike
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Day 10 – Climbing

Hiked 12.6 PCT miles, Detour on Spitler Trail, Total 17.6 miles hiked today, At mile 168.6

i saw a Tarantula photo on the PCT2018 FB group and was reminded that several days ago, Jack and Quoi were talking about seeing a fight between a Tarantula and a snake. The snake was losing.

It seemed like I was going uphill all day. I reached the highest elevation of the hike, over 7200 feet. The climbs were steeper than those of previous days. The trail is closed from mile 168.6 to mile 177.3. The detour forces hikes down side trails and a visit to the reset town, Idyllwild. I’m typing this from my motel room. Tomorrow, I’ll try to hitch a ride to  a trailhead to allow me to hike back to the PCT near PCT mile 177.3. 

I left my hat in the car of a person giving me a ride. I’ll need some kind of head  covering. The sun is brutal. I even have sunburn through my shirt. Did I mention that my legs feeling very worn out? It was a hard day!

Here are the photos.

Morning view from my tent site.

The trail. Notice the trail in the distance on 2nd photo.


Desert is thousands of feet below.