Day 6 - Apple Pie Trail Magic - Uphillhike
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Day 6 – Apple Pie Trail Magic

Hiked 20 miles, At mile 94.4

Cowboy camped in the desert and woke Easter morn to a full moon setting over a mountain.

At the road before Scissors Crossing there was a trail angel named Lindsey. She had brought the famous Julian Apple Pies. What a 2nd breakfast! At 0.8 miles further on was the water cache. Here a trail angel had left Coors Light so I had a beer for my 3rd breakfast.



























Here is a pipe gate. You see them a lot on the PCT. They only open a tiny bit. Enough to let a skinny human through and keep a cow from coming through even if the gate is left open.




I am in my sleeping bag as I type and at over 4000 ft on top of a mountain, my hands are getting cold. So I’ll just place rest of the photos below and let you figure them out.