Day 3 - Heat - Uphillhike
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Day 3 – Heat

At mile 37.6. Hiked 17.6 miles today.

It is hot! I think my main job is going to be to keep from getting overheated. It is kind of hard when there is no shade and you are climbing with a pack loaded down with water. Today everyone was trying to make it to Long Canyon Creek. It was a long climb in the direct sun. From now on, I’m starting very early to avoid the worst of the heat. Also thinking about taking breaks in order to avoid the hottest part of the day.

I’m finally meeting a lot of thru-hikers. There is Adam from Wales, Quoi from Montreal, Jack, Dirty Duck, Moglie, Nightcrawler, Solo, Ryan, and G just to name a few. Ryan, G, and I are sharing a campsite. I hiked with Solo for a short while. He is my age and taking it slow due to a bad hip and knee.

Here is how I’m dressed. Salomon Trailrunners with gaiters to keep sand out of the boots and big hat to keep the sun from baking my head. Take close a look at the sign I am posed next to. No worries about explosive ordinances because in this heat, I had no plans to detour off-trail unless the destination happened to be a big leafy shade tree. There were none. 🙂 

The Trail

Here are some views coming out of Lake Morena.