Day 1 - At last! - Uphillhike
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Day 1 – At last!

4.6 miles today, at milepost 4.6

I’m cowboy camping tonight under the stars. I didn’t start hiking until 5:10 pm. The entire day was spent traveling and waiting on buses. The El Cajon transit center in San Diego is a tiny bit sketchy. I had to hang out there for 3 hours waiting on the bus for Campo. Boring, but I was excited to be on this epic journey. Finally, I boarded the bus. Soon the bus was swerving back and forth on curving mountain roads. I became very motion-sick and had to focus to limit nausea; however, once off the bus and hiking, I felt great!

The weather was pleasant. but with my quick beat-the-sunset pace, I was soon drenched with sweat. The pack weight seemed manageable even though I was loaded down with over 2 liters of water and 6 days of food. I guess the adrenaline on the first few hours of a thru-hike can make up for a lot of things (little sleep, much travel, quick pace, heavy pack).

Here 1 am at mile one. My first mile! Yippee! Only 2649 more miles. Also, since I am matching all donations to JDRF for every mile under 2600 that I don’t finish, with one mile hiked, I’m already saving money. 🙂




Here are railroad tracks with neat rock formations.