How to keep up with Uphill on the PCT - Uphillhike
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How to keep up with Uphill on the PCT

I’ll keep this section updated with the latest info and resources for following my hike.

Email of Blog Updates

Use the MailChimp sign up form on the sidebar of my blog to subscribe to receive every blog post as an email. 


Besides the blog, which I plan on posting daily, there are other easy ways to keep up with my hike. I plan on posting photos to Instagram. My Instagram user is @uphillhikes .  I will also experiment with Instagram Live so be sure to follow my Instagram feed. Right now, I’m thinking about going live when I wake up in the morning. Something like Sunrise Live. This could change, so check here as I hike for more on my social media plans.

Google Maps

On the sidebar you will notice a Google map of the PCT. Open it up to full size.  If you have Google Earth, you may be able to see 3D view of my current location. I’ll also add icons (the Uphill Mountain logo) wherever I camp. Click on the icon to bring up a photo of my campsite.

If you have a Gmail Email address, you can view Uphill’s location on Google Maps Real-Time.

To see my location on Google Maps in real-time, you need to send me your Gmail address.  Whether you use it or not, if you have a Google Account, then you should have a Gmail address. I’ll add your Gmail address to my Google Contacts and share my location with you. After I’ve added you, follow the instructions below to view my location real-time.

See where Uphill is on PCT in Real-Time

If someone shares their location with you, you can see them on the map.

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then ​Location sharing.
  3. Choose someone.
  • To see an updated location, tap on a friend’s icon and then More More and then Refresh.



Follow me in Snapchat as well. I’m on Snapchat as uphillhikes . I may have some fun with Snapchat stories and other features.

Here is my Snapcode.







Follow me on Twitter. I might tweet a few updates in between blog posts, but I don’t plan on using Twitter extensively at this time.

Keeping up with a blog and social media can be time consuming and it could take away from the enjoyment of the hike. I’ll use this space to let you know how and where I am using social media. It is difficult to keep up with daily blog posts at the end of a long day of hiking 20 or more miles. Try typing when your fingers are numb with cold or when you are swatting mosquitoes. Ultimately, I don’t want to forsake physical presence for virtual presence. After all, I’m on the PCT for the physical experience!

Enjoy the hike!