Day 9 - Near Fall and Wrong Turn - Uphillhike
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Day 9 – Near Fall and Wrong Turn

Getting ready for bed in the Ski Patrol Hut on top of Bromley Mountain. This is a very cool spot to spend the night with an open area at the top of a ski resort. There are the top of ski lifts all around. Great sunset, but the best part is stepping out the door into the windy night sky. I can see Manchester Center twinkling below. The Whites (White Mountains) can be seen in the distance just east of north.

Today I had a close call on Baker Peak. There was a rock outcropping with nice views. It was becoming a little windy. I checking out a view for a photo, edged closer to a point where the rock dropped off about 9 feet. A sudden gust put me on one foot and I fought to keep my balance and not fall off. Lesson learned.

Here is the photo I took when I nearly fell at Baker Peak.

Another photo at same spot.

Shortly after, I missed a turn on the AT and proceeded to hike 0.9 miles downhill on Baker Peak Trail. I did not notice the blue blazes and continued descending, steeply at times. I only realized my middle when I reached the signed trail junction with Pond Trail. I backtracked to the AT, but the 2 mile detour and hour delay caused Sheffy to wonder what happened to me. My hike today was 11.8 miles on AT and 13.6 miles total. Tomorrow we have a 3 mile downhill hike to the car. We are postponing breakfast until town.

Here is where I made wrong turn. I continued downhill to right. I should have gone to left. Notice sign behind tree.


More photos.

Reaching top of Bromley Mountain at top of ski resort.