Day 8 - Extra Miles, More People - Uphillhike
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Day 8 – Extra Miles, More People

It was a 14.9 mile day from Minerva Hinchey Shelter to Lost Pond Shelter. This was after adding 1.7 miles to our original plan. The major climbs were over early in the day, but we still had typical Vermont rocky trails which I really feel on the bottom of my feet. By the end of the day the trail became friendlier (less rocks).

We had some beautiful lakes. Including this one where I ate a hot cooked macaroni and cheese lunch in the gorgeous Little Rock Pond Shelter close to the lake.

Met Patches (AT Class of 2012) and Sara and dog at Lost Pond Shelter. Soon Top Peak showed up. I asked everyone whether they had been in the woods overnight on their own. I was surprised when Patches told us that she had been the caretaker at Hermit Lakes at the top of the Tuckerman Ravine Trail on the side of Mt. Washington. There were a number of times she had spent lonely days in the HOJO (caretakers cabin) without seeing anyone. The weather was brutal with 80 mph winds at times, but she had everything she needed. We all joked about whether it was like “The Shining”. Patches also told us about a cabin that she and her boyfriend once had where they could not drive up the quarter mile driveway because it was so steep and rugged. When the moved out, they hand carried everything down the hill. Guess she likes living in tough places.

Somehow burned holes in my Goretex rain pants, probably while cooking supper.