Day 3 - Rain and More Rain on AT - Uphillhike
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Day 3 – Rain and More Rain on AT

We woke up to rain and packed quickly to hike into Hanover for breakfast and resupply. It was a wet 16 mile day from Velvet Rocks Shelter to Thistle Rock.

Stopped  at Happy Hill Shelter for lunch where we met Beast, Shaker, and Woods Strider. Beast and Shaker were were with us for the night at Thistle Rock Shelter.

Not much to report. Tough day. Sleeping in shelter tonight in order to dry out.

Here is another salamander. They must love the rain.

The trail leaves New Hampshire and enters Vermont on this bridge in Hanover.

View toward bridge from Hanover. It really rained a lot during road walk.

Here is a bench to rest on after the first tough climb in Vermont. There were more climbs to go before reaching shelter.

Now i am sitting in dry Shelter writing this blog. It is 8 pm, my stomach is full, I have dry sleeping clothes on, an de the rain is pattering loudly in the tin roof. Hurricane Nate was set to track over us at 7pm.