Day 1 - New Hampshire AT - Uphillhike
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Day 1 – New Hampshire AT

Our first day was a tough one. Not really. We covered 0.8 miles of the AT from Dorchester road to Trapper John Shelter. Our enthusiastic shuttle driver, Chis the geologist quickly filled us in on the 100 million year history of the area. The rain had stopped. Sheffy and I made our way uphill. I organized my cluttered pack, we set up tents, and were glad we did when we saw a bold shelter mouse. After dinner of red beans, rice, tofurkey sausage, and mashed potatoes, all mixed we had company. Mrs Claus and Jen arrived after wrapping up a 17 mile day. That didn’t help our ego after our pitiful 0.8 mile day.

We retired to tents to listen to books and write blogs.

Trapper John Shelter