Trail Guide - Snowbird Creek Trail No. 64 & 64A - Uphillhike
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Trail Guide – Snowbird Creek Trail No. 64 & 64A (9.45 miles)

From a location at the end of Forest Service Road 75, locally known as Junction, Big Snowbird Creek trail follows Big Snowbird Creek upstream eventually intersecting Mitchell Lick Trail above the source of Big Snowbird Creek. This trail features 3 waterfalls, Big Falls (upper and lower portions), Middle Falls, and Upper Falls. Few people hike the trail beyond Middle Falls and it is very rare to encounter anyone along the trail beyond Upper Falls. The first 4.1 miles of trail follows a level and easily walked former logging road ending at a footbridge. The middle one mile stretch of Big Snowbird Creek trail between the footbridge and Middle Falls crosses the creek 11 times. These sometimes difficult creek crossings can be avoided via an alternate route, sometimes called Middle Falls trail (64A) which climbs a nearby ridge and rejoins Snowbird Creek trail a few hundred yards upstream of Middle Falls.

Snowbird Creek Trail – Lower Section (3.9 miles)
From Junction to Trail 64A at footbridge
Distance: 3.9 miles
Minimum Elevation: 2732 feet
Maximum Elevation: 3396 feet
Total climb: 797 feet
Total descent: 152 feet

Snowbird Creek Trail – Middle Section (1.2 miles)
From footbridge to Middle Falls.

Snowbird Creek Trail – Left Bank Section
Middle Falls to Junction with Snowbird connector to 64A
Distance: .33 miles

Snowbird Creek Trail – Meadow Creek Section
From connector junction to Meadow Creek
Distance: 1.1 miles

Snowbird Creek Trail – Upper Section
From Meadow Creek to Mitchell Lick
Distance: 2.92 miles
Min Altitude: 3,697 ft
Max Altitude: 4,500 ft

Snowbird Creek Alternate (64A)

Snowbird Creek Alternate (64A) signed as Middle Falls trail provides a means to reach Middle Falls without having to ford Snowbird creek 11 times. The trail ascends steeply at first. Reach a first signed trail junction where a right turn will lead downhill on a connector trail to Snowbird Creek trail (Sign is labeled Snowbird for that direction). This will bypass Middle Falls and provide the shortest route upstream on Snowbird trail. Alternatively, you can continue straight ahead to Middle Falls. You will shortly reach a 2nd trail sign at a junction with Snowbird Trail (64). This is the end of trail 64A. Turn left and proceed 100 yards in the downstream direction to Middle Falls. A right turn on Snowbird Trail leads in the upstream direction where the trail crosses Big Snowbird Creek in about 50 yards. Just beyond the crossing is another trail sign for the junction with Burntrock Ridge trail. Continue straight ahead making way through several campsites, to a 2nd crossing of  Snowbird creek. It is 0.33 miles between Middle Falls and the 2nd creek crossing. After this crossing, proceed on the trail upstream toward Upper Falls, Meadow Creek, and Mitchell Lick. Alternatively, you can proceed downstream on a right bank trail (right bank when looking upstream) which will lead back to the first signed junction with trail 64A.

This section shows how the Snowbird alternate trail (64A) connects to the Snowbird trail in 2 places. First via a “Connector” trail, second directly to Snowbird trail (64) about 100 yards upstream from Middle Falls.


Areas: Snowbird Wilderness Study Area


Connecting Trails:

Sassafras Falls Trail

Middle Falls Trail (64A)

Burntrock Trail

Connecting Trail between 64A and 64

Mitchell Lick Trail


Snowbird Area Trails:

Kings Meadow Trail




Link to Google Map Directions: Robbinsville, NC to Snowbird Trail Head


Turn by Turn Directions:

From Topton and Andrews, enter Robbinsville on Hwy 129.

Turn right on North Main Street.

After proceeding through downtown Robbinsville, bear to the right on tight curve, Junaluska Road.

Junaluska Road shortly becomes Snowbird Road. Proceed on Snowbird Road for 4.7 miles

Turn left to stay on Snowbird road for another 2.1 miles. (There is a sign for Snowbird Complex?)

About 0.1 mile after passing intersection with Cornsilk Branch Road where there is another sign for Snowbird Complex, look for a 180 degree turn on Snowbird Road that descends immediately following the turn. (There is no sign and it is easy to miss. )

Immediately after a crossing bridge, turn right on a small road (Big Snowbird Road) with one-lane bridge. Cross the one-lane bridge. You will also see a sign at this junction that shows “Little Snowbird” straight ahead and Big Snowbird to the right. The key is to look for the one lane bridge on right.

Continue straight onto Big Snowbird Rd.

This road eventually turns into one lane unpaved Forest Service Road 75 with occasional campsites alongside Snowbird Creek. The road dead ends at a turnabout where there is a campsite and trailhead sign.   –  4.09 mi (plus another 4 – 5 miles after Big Snowbird Rd turns into FS 75.)