PCT Thru-hike - Planning - Uphillhike
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PCT Thru-hike – Planning

In a sense, I have been planning to thru-hike the PCT for years. Now, I am at the stage of picking the year I will attempt this hike. I ain’t gett’in any younger! Like high school graduates, thru-hikers talk about the PCT “class” they belong to. I was in the Milton High School class of 1978. Maybe 40 years later, I will be in the PCT class of 2018. Or could it be 2019, 2020, 2021, or even later? At some point I have to pick my retirement year.

In the meantime, I plan. I know I am hiking North Bound. I have downloaded Guthook and Halfmile apps for the PCT. I have printed out Halfmile’s list of resupplies and noted possible locations for supply shipment or shopping. I have particularly spent time planning and worrying about the section from Kennedy Meadows to South LakeTahoe. Should I plan long hikes off the trail? How many days food supply can I carry if I go with the lightweight freeze dry food dinners?

I’ll also be away from my family and wife for as long as 6 months, so I’m looking at the calendar with the thought that I should start very early in order to allow time to spend with my wife.