The King - Kings Meadow Trail - Uphillhike
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The King – Kings Meadow Trail

It wasn’t the best start. I had just left my van and crossed the footbridge over Snowbird creek. I saw where the trail turned uphill. It also continued up the creek, but I thought that direction was false; a trail made by trout fishermen. It was a wrong turn. The trail followed a smaller creek, rising steeply. Eventually the trail nearly disappeared but I could see the ridge top just ahead. I popped out onto a leafy road. Following this road and my GPS, I was able to rejoin the KMT.

Bucket grown into tree. I am on false trail.

Leafy road that led me back toward KMT

I reached a field, then turned left off the road onto a trail that immediately crossed this creek. Following this trail, I was soon back in the KMT.

Trail passed through this tree. Just kidding!

Kings Meadow

Lot of gunfire coming from this house.

Hooper Bald

Difficult navigating from KMT to Snowbird trail. Finally reach the sign for Snowbird trail. Can you read it?

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