Vermont Appalachian Trail - Uphillhike
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Vermont Appalachian Trail

Wilbur Shelter at 3 am – Mouse has chewed 4 or 5 holes in foot of down bag. Down pouring out. Repaired with duct tape. Laid back down and heard mouse return. Caught mouse in headlamp. Considered waiting up for mouse second time and smashing with broom and I even practiced my reach and swing.

The above paragraph is an excerpt from  Trail Journals First Day Vermont/Mass . Click that link to read a day by day account of the 10 day AT 110 mile hike from Manchester Center, VT south into Massachusetts that my friend, Sheffy, and I completed. Originally planned for 130 miles, we started out in a snow storm and ended up trudging through snow for 3 days straight. Finally, after a night in Goddard Shelter, we descended out of the snow to Vermont Highway 9 and the Catamount Motel in Bennington, VT. The rest of the hike was snow free, but we cut the distance to 110 miles.

The following are some photo highlights.


Stratton Pond



Preparing breakfast morning after a brutal 16.5 mile hike through snow over Stratton Bald and Glastenbury Bald.



Completed first climb after night in North Adams.





Upper Goose Pond