The Decalibron - Uphillhike
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The Decalibron

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Decalibron is Mt. Democrat (14,148 ft), Mt. Cameron (14,238 ft), Mt. Lincoln (14,286 ft), and Mt Bross (14,172 ft). These four 14’ers in the Mosquito range can be climbed in a single day. I started at the Kite Lake trailhead. The road to the trailhead is bad in 2 spots, one about a mile from the parking lot and another about a quarter mile from the parking lot. For details on doing this hike I recommend using .



Mt. Bross closed, but that didn’t stop hikers. I didn’t see fences or guards. This area is privately owned.










The trail to Mt. Lincoln looks scary, but isn’t as scary as it first appears. The photo doesn’t do justice to the feeling of being on the edge.


On Mt. Bross looking back on Mt. Lincoln that I had come from.

The descent from Mt. Bross to complete the loop is scree covered and very steep in at least one place shown here.

Road to Kite Lake. Bad spot closest to parking lot.