London Bald Trail - Uphillhike
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London Bald Trail

Having not checked the map, I thought a hike to London Bald and back would make a good end to the last day of the trip. After more than 2 miles of leg ripping briers and undergrowth, I checked the map.  Realizing that London Bald was much farther than I had assumed, I turned around for the hike back to the car. Less than 5 minutes later, all in a single instant I perceived movement and felt  something strange underfoot and a brush across my right leg. The brain neurons that instruct flight reaction fired and I bounded a couple of quick steps before I understood that there was a rattlesnake in the trail. A short second later the snake was coiled and its signature buzz started. Realizing how close I came to the snake, I felt just a little queasy.


It had been almost exactly 6 years ago in the same month and only a few miles away that I first saw a large rattler on the trail. That time it was on Fires Rim Creek trail (video Rattlesnake on FRC trail) and I was fortunate to have seen the snake a few steps before reaching it. Not so, this time. I had been right on top of it. (video Rattlesnake on London Bald trail)

Short hike 2.6 miles out and back on the south end of London Bald trail.


View from London Bald Trail of ridge line that Fires Rim Creek trail traverses. Six years ago, another Rattlesnake was on the trail in those mountains.


Broad burn areas on this end of London Bald trail. The burns opened the views.


Trail alternates between burns on the south facing slopes and lush fern growth in east facing coves.

IMG_2348 IMG_2299