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The Pinnacle

January 30, 2016
 Overview: Trail with as much as 5 inches snow. Hiked to Pinnacle with 360 degree views and camped at site 3 on Pinnacle trail. Hiked beyond Blackrock Mountain.

After hiking the Oconaluftee River Trail, I headed to Sylva to hike to Pinnacle overlook. After a stop at Subway to get a sandwich for the trail, I got started about 11 AM.
 There is self registration at the parking lot. This area has plenty of trail signs.
 My intent was to hike to the Blue Ridge Parkway and beyond to Waterrock Knob. I didn’t have time to make it that far even without the fact that I made a wrong turn and got off the trail for a mile.

Open ridge leads a few feet to the Pinnacles.

Lunch. Ate my tuna fish sub on this rock. Soaked up the sun.

Looks like I should take wide path/road to right. Wrong! Take narrow path to left that goes straight up.

After a mile of this on a false trail, I checked my GPS and I was at 5480 feet and beyond Blackrock Mountain going in the right general direction, but below the trail. I turned around when this old road reached a dead end.

My tent and campsite.

View from my tent as I lay here typing this blog.
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Location:Sylva,United States