Day 2 - Bartram - AT Loop Hike - Uphillhike
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Day 2 – Bartram – AT Loop Hike

Appalachian Trail

Rufus Morgan Shelter to Wayah Shelter – 16 miles

Had great camp mates from Atlanta (Reynoldstown). Ben, Mike, and Rusty. Ben had to help a hiker with a sprained ankle down to the NOC, then climb the 0.8 miles back to the shelter. Thanks for the campfire. They tented so I had the shelter to myself.

It quickly became overcast, but I still had nice views from the jump up.

I stopped for a long lunch at Wesser Fire Tower. I must have seen 50 people between Wesser Shelter and the tower. It was nice to see people hiking the Wesser Creek trail which is the old AT that my brother and I hiked in 1979.

The Jump Up

Me at the Jump Up. What a climb!

Panorama from fire tower.

Enjoying hot chocolate and the vies from Wesser Bald fire tower.

Cold Spring Shelter

Wayah Shelter (sleeping here tonight)

Next morning: Standing Indian and Albert Mountains from Wayah Tower

Hiked on Saturday, October 24, 2015
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