Day 8 - Rain - Uphillhike
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Day 8 – Rain

Ridge Lake to Snoqualmie

6 miles

The rain and wind started lightly, but in very little time I had water dripping from the roof at the lower end of my tent. I woke up at 1 AM and realized that the foot of my bag was in a puddle of water. I scrunched up toward the upper end of the tent and attempted to stay dry. Water was also leaking through the seam for the rain fly door and water coated the entire inside of the fly. I need to get rid of this Sierra Designs flashlight tent.

Big puddle of water at bottom of my tent. See the sagging roof at top of photo with water dripping.

We arrived out of the mists of the mountains seen in the background. Photo take from Summit Pancake House where 10 wet dirty smelly hikers piled equally wet dirty smelly gear in the entrance vestibule before eating a big lunch.

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