Day 4 - Cathedral Peak - Uphillhike
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Day 4 – Cathedral Peak

Desolation Lake to Deep Lake

12 miles

At Desolation Lake I slept without the rain fly and with the door open to enjoy the stars. In less than a minute I saw 3 satellites pass overhead. With a cold wind at Deep Lake I used the fly for the first time.

Throwing bear lines has become a nightly ritual. The greatest effort was the night at Surprise Lake where we suspended bags across a ravine anchored by small trees that bent over.

The two longest ascents have been up Trapp Pass and today, up and around Cathedral Peak. We also had creek crossings that though usually dangerous, were uneventful this year. I did some laundry at last camp and hung socks to dry during lunch today. I left the socks behind so I am now down to only the socks on my feet. My feet have been doing fine. A couple of people in the group developed hot spots or blisters, but these were treated and became no issue.

Sitka Mountain Ash. we see a lot of it. Seven leavea on a stem with 3 opposing, similar structure to Sumac or Walnut.. Bitter berries are edible and Indians used them to marinate Marmot meat and Salmon heads. now that’s good eating!

Climbing toward Cathedral Peak

At the top. Cathedral Peak. Down hill from here to Deep Lake.

Dan crossing spot that it has dangerously high water in most years.

Mountains above Deep Lake

Creek flowing out of DeepLake