Day 2 - A Late Start - Uphillhike
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Day 2 – A Late Start

Hope Lake to Surprise Lake

4 miles

Dan, Kathy, David, Dillon, Joe, Pete, Karen, Katie, and Matt are with us. Today, Pete, David, and Dillon had to spend most of the day taking Chris off the trail. Chris sprained his ankle falling down an embankment on his first day in camp.

The rest of us slept, swam, and was mostly lazy as we waited for the group to return. Matt, Katie, Dan, Kathy, and I took a 2nd walk to Migg’s Lake this time exploring beyond the lake further north on the PCT. there was much blueberry picking along the way.

The others returned and we loaded up for an afternoon start up Trapp Pass. Since we had a Zero day plannedthis week, the delay could be made up easily.

Fireweed was everywhere in open areas.

Climb up Trapp Pass

My tent at Surprise Lake. . Dan had to move his tent when he realizes a large dead tree was leaning over his spot..

Trapp Lake was clear Tuorquoise