Alpine Lakes Wilderness - Travel Day - Uphillhike
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Alpine Lakes Wilderness – Travel Day

After a week of packing, making lists, repacking, and changing equipment decisions I am finally sitting at the gate waiting on my 10:30 PM flight to Seattle.

My pack weighed in at 36 pounds which is heavy for a light weight packer for me. Reason for extra weight includes a real tent because I heard about mosquitoes and 7 days of food. Normally I pack a tarp tent and no more than 4 days of food.

The plan is to hike 75 miles on the PCT trail over 8 days with Dan and Kathy Bowden and a bunch of their friends. Here we go!

My back was sore and I couldn’t get in a comfortable position on the flight. The space was so small that my head hit the seat in front of me when I tried to lay it down on the tray table. Finally I got the idea to put my day pack on the tray table raising the level so my head could reach and making a nice pillow.

I arrived in Seattle and set up a spot to sleep just outside the SeaTac Light Rail Station. Now for 4 hours sleep. Here I am at my first camp spot on a bench.

Sleeping at the Airport SeaTac Station