What Detour? - Blue Ridge Parkway Bicycle Ride Day 8 - Uphillhike
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What Detour? – Blue Ridge Parkway Bicycle Ride Day 8

I am out of oatmeal, but was still able to have fig newtons, banana, and coffee for breakfast.

It had rained all night and was still raining when I woke up. With rain pattering on my tent, I tried to sleep some more and was able to doze a little longer. It looked like I would be riding in fog so set up my bike lights. The skies cleared quickly.

The highlight of the day was going around the detour signs at Doughton Park. This gave me a private road for nearly 20 miles. Restoration was being performed on the rock walls that line the parkway. Th├Ęse were built in 1935 and were showing signs of aging with numerous freeze thaw cycles. I am always coming up on wildlife without the animal being aware. I could have many photos of deer, but I only observe. I had a good view of a couple of turkeys. They didn’t see me so it was interesting to stop and watch. I would have snapped a photo, but a car made the pair take cover.

Over the course of the ride I have seen many dead snakes and a few live ones. Today I went zooming past a large black snake.

On the hwy 18 exit toward Laurel Springs I had my choice of restaurants. I ate spaghetti with marinara sauce and grilled squash. I ordered a budweiser, then borrowed a wrench to adjust my pannier rack back to an upright position. I use these stops for everything. I also took a sink bath, shaved, washed clothes in sink, layer out my tarp to dry, and brushed teeth.

I rode about 60 miles today and reached the point where less than 200 miles were left. That is 4 days of riding and would have me finish Wednesday.

I am getting very sleepy laying in my hammock writing this.