North Carolina! - Blue Ridge Parkway Bicycle Ride Day 7 - Uphillhike
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North Carolina! – Blue Ridge Parkway Bicycle Ride Day 7

Day 7

A pretty easy 50 miles from Rocky knob to Cumberland Knob, but my legs are shot. Sleeping late, I was up at 5:55 am. Had breakfast of 3 honey & maple oatmeals with raisins and almonds and coffee. Rode 9 miles to Mabry Mill where I had to try out the famous buckwheat pancakes. Had 2 large pancakes, grits, 3 scrambled egg whites, and coffee. Breakfast number 2.

The route consisted of hill climbs and descents with no real long mountain climbs. Even the shorter climbs had steep enough sections to make my worn out legs ache. I am continuing to fight allergies. By the end of the day every intake of breath during climbs would produce a tiny whistling sound coming from my bronchial tubes. I sound like a smoker hacking away as I ride my bike. My nose runs and eyes water.

The rhodos, mtn laurel, and wild azalea continues to be stunning. I like it when the azalea is found together with the rhododendron or mtn laurel.

At Fancy Gap I ate spaghetti and potato salad with a fantastic coconut cream pie for dessert. The cafe looked like it belonged in the Andy Griffith Show and it was just up the mountain from Mount Airy, NC. (Mayberry).

Peddled the 18 last miles from Fancy Gap to Cumberland Knob. Did laundry in the comfort station sink and cooked brown rice with sardines. I visited this spot over 12 years ago during a break on a business trip. Nice to be back.

Rode my bike a little further and set up tent not far from a pedestrian overlook of the expansive piedmont valley to he east. I am comfortable in the tent with the fog moving in and turning into rain. Still hacking.