Caught Stealth Camping - Blue Ridge Parkway Ride Day 5 - Uphillhike
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Caught Stealth Camping – Blue Ridge Parkway Ride Day 5

Blue Ridge Parkway – Day 5

Rode my bike the mile to H&H in Big Island, VA for a big breakfast of veggie omelet, grits, biscuit, pancake, and coffee. I am writing this entry while laying in my hammock by the lake at Otter Peaks after a Veggie plate lunch (mostly startches). In between I found wild strawberries on the side of the parkway. The highlight so far was 12 miles straight of climbing that took me from 650 ft elev to 3950 ft elevation. That is from the lowest poit on the Parkway to the highest point on the Parkway in Virginia (Apple Orchard Mountain).

Since Waynesboro I have been coughing up phlegm from my lungs. My head is congested and nose runs at times. Maybe allergies?

Saw a turkey and a deer thus morning. The Peaks of Otter Lodge is in a beautiful setting. I think I will nap a while here in my hammock.

Only 5 cars passed me in the first hour.

It was very hot today. Forecast is for tomorrow to be hotter with highs in 90’s.

Supper was fresh pineapple and a baked veggie sandwich. Camped just off the Parkway. Nice spot, but got lazy and took it even though my survey revealed a dirt road running just behind it. Well I got caught by a couple taking a walk on the dirt road. The man thought that I was dumped trash. He said to his partner, ” oh no, someone dumped a load of trash here. I waved my hand and said that it wasn’t trash rather it was me. I explained that I was bicycling the Parkway and that I hoped I was on public land . He told me that I was indeed on public right of way and seemed okay with it. The lady asked if I was planning to be here a number of days. She must have taken me for a hobo that had permanently moved into her backyard. I assured her that I would be gone before the sun rises.

I am laying just outside my tarp and it has become dark. Large bugs are dropping out of the trees and occasionally landing on me. Don’t know what they are. Could they be Cicadias? They look more like roaches with wings.