Yosemite Log - Day 5 - Uphillhike
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Yosemite Log – Day 5

Mt. Lyell Group – I was camping up there!

Yosemite Log – Day 5

Tarp was coated with condensation ice this morning. My main concern was climbing Vogel Pass given how i felt yesterday. I paced myself to keep my heart rate down. Felt anxious but never felt bad. I was at the top quickly. The backside did not have a drop off. All of Vogelsang was high. Past Vogelsang toward Bernice Lake there was a large meadow. It must have been more than a mile across in every direction. I was following fresh tracKs. Never saw the people, but soon after joining the PCT I quickly started seeing people. In all I saw 5 solo hikere and no groups.

Took a long break on Lyell Creek and washed up.

I am camped at 10,500 ft with a view of the Mt Lyell group. Great view of the glacier. I am not too far below Donahue pass. It is snowy and wind swept. For some protection i pitched the tarp right against a clump of short pines.

Saw a group of white snow patridges and a marmot.