Yosemite log day 2 - Uphillhike
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Yosemite log day 2

Yosemite log day 2

Made it to Merced lake. This is good because there are bear lockers and all of my food won’t fit in cannister. Sitting by the lake watching the last light of day and drinking wine.

Little Yosemite valley is better than I expected. In fact it is spectacular. Domes close in on both sides and I walked along a river while admiring giant Sugar Pines and the glimmering water. In Lost Valley the canyon narrows further. Every spot would be a major attraction in my home state.

I had barbeque soy beans with cummin and ramen noodles for supper. I was hungry but no real appetite developed until I tooknthe first bite. Like last year, my appetite already seems suppressed. I am seeing people regularly, but it doesn’t feel crowded. Tent neighbors are Cody and John. Also here are Ken and Carol. Ken is a real veteren with ski and snowshoe hikes to his credit.

I am worn out. Those infernal stairs at Vernal Falls did not help. There is always a kid running past you up these falls. They have young knees.

Now it is dark. I’ll flick on my headlamp and begin the walk to my tent.