Yosemite Log - Day 1 - Uphillhike
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Yosemite Log – Day 1

Yosemite Log – Day 1

Day 1 – The Valley

A travel day. Mariott checkout, rental car return, Amtrak train, Yart shuttle, valley shuttle, and the back and forth for hiking permit and last minute supplies. I stash my suitcase in a bear locker. It is the putting away of one life as a first step of a new life.

I am laying under my tarp. The valley sounds of children scampering, families moving, and retired couples sitting are replaced by a few of the backpacker campground neighbors standing by crackling campfire and laughing at stories.

The Yart shuttle driver told this story. Another driver decided to sleep in the back of his bus. He awoke to a bear that had boarded the bus. Trapped, the driver climbed out a roof vent onto the top of the bus. A 15 foot drop prevented further escape. The driver sat on the roof and watched as the bear went about his business down below.

Now I read John Muir. Good night.