Yosemite lg day 3 - frm tent - Uphillhike
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Yosemite lg day 3 – frm tent

Yosemite lg day 3 – frm tent

Only 6:30, but I am in the tent for the night. I am at 9500 feet elevation and it is cold here when the sun leaves. I have been battling a headache. Gets worse at night. Took a couple of Ibuprofin before bed. Last night I had to wake up and get the I out if the bear locker.

Nice view of Mt Lyell in the distance. Some bad looking clouds are gathering around Lyell. Otherwise it is clear.

My peanut butter leaked again. What a mess. I will have the spilled peanut butter for breakfast.

I am already getting lonely. Did not see a another person today since leaving camp at Lake Merced. As I was leaving I saw Carol pulling off her shirt giving me a view of her bare back. That was the last person I saw today. She did not see me as I walked by. I hurried on before she or her husband, Ken noticed.

I took some long breaks to enjoy the warm sun on lakes and creeks. I then worked hard on a climb toward Isberg Pass. Now I am camped on an open area just pass the 3rd creek following the Isberg and Post Peak gap turnoff. I am a couple of miles ahead on the Itinerary,