Hiking the Logan Turnpike - Uphillhike
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Hiking the Logan Turnpike

Today was a beautiful blue sky spring day. Started my hike at Neals Gap at about 8:30 am. Still chilly at 48 degrees so I added a fleece jacket to my shorts. Good views toward Brasstown Bald and the Arquah (trail) ridge. Later had views all of the way back to Coosa Bald and Calf Stamp Gap. I would like to link all of this to the AT and hike a giant loop one day. There would be several miles of road walk around why 9 in order to get from the Arquah trail to the Cooosa Backcountry.

Reached Testnatee Gap and turned at broken Logan Turnpike trail sign starting off in a stream bed. Rocky trail, but I have been on worse. John Muir hiked this on his walk to FL. It was a private toll road long ago. Located my Cannondale road bike where I had hidden it in the woods just off Kellum Valley Rd and biked back up why 129 to my car at Neals Gap. Ms Janet of Erwin, TN AT hostel fame was at the Mountain Crossings hostel. When I found out, I gave her the money I owed her for staying at her hostel 4 years ago. She didn’t want to accept it, but I said to consider it a donation. Her daughter was having a baby the night I showed up at her hostel, so I had no way to pay her at the time.