New Year Numbers - Uphillhike
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New Year Numbers

It is a new year and time to set resolutions and to measure progress! My Cannondale bike odometer reading is 1637.4 miles. How many miles will I ride in 2009? Ten miles a day would make 3650 miles, but 4000 miles is a good round number. Whatever the distance, I need to get into shape for the Assault on Mt. Mitchell Century in June. I weigh 167.5 pounds today. Only 4 months ago I was about 10 pounds less. Taking 10 pounds off by June would help with the Mitchell Assault. I will start today by cutting out most sugar (candies, cakes, cookies, icecream, etc.) and by reducing the quantity of my most troublesome meal, supper. If I am at least a little hungry when I go to bed each night, then I should be on track.
I haven’t made up my mind about plans for hiking, triathlons, swimming, and running. These will be on the back burner as I start up my biking.