Day 106 - Smoke - Uphillhike
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Day 106 – Smoke

At mile 2434.9. Hiked 25.7 miles today.

There was a lot more smoke today so I wondered whether the lightening yesterday afternoon had caused some fires. 

Early in the day I passed this waterfall from the outlet  of Spectacle Lake.

It was a day of descents and climbs. After the first climb I could view the range I had been in earlier in the day. I ate lunch at this beautiful spot.

The climb had made me hot so when I came across this lake I filled my water bottles and jumped in. Cold!


This is the campsite where our group camped in 2015. It is close to the Waptus river. We had a very short day so I relaxed here listening to a recorded book. That was 2015. No relaxing in 2018. Today I covered more distance on the same ground  than it took us to cover in 2 days on our 2015 hike.

I camped in the shore of Deep Lake. Southbound hikers advised the best spot to camp to avoid mosquitoes. They were right! This was a small mosquito free zone in a major mosquito area. It pays to get info from SOBO’s.

Here is the Yellow Cedar tree. Yay! I learned a tree. I love the drooping branches. This tree has a unique vertical bark pattern.