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PCT Thru Hike, PCT Trail Towns, PCT Washington / 12.08.2018

At mile 2571.9. Hiked 0 miles today. Advanced 20 miles on PCT due to fire closure. Today I took the shuttle from Holden Village to Lucerne on Lake Chelan from which I took the Lady II ferry to Stehekin. Today will be a zero-day and tomorrow when the post office opens I will pick up my last resupply before Canada. After another 88 miles, I plan to be in Manning Park, Canada 4 hiking days from now. The photo shows early morning on the main street of Holden Village. This was...

PCT North California, PCT Trail Towns / 12.05.2018

Tehachapi owes it's lively and attractive presence to an event back in 1876.  That year signaled the completion of the Tehachapi Loop of the Southern Pacific Railroad bringing the railroad to Tehachapi. This vital railroad link between the productive Central Valley and much of the rest of the nation was later double tracked to accommodate high demand for transportation needs. Northbound PCT hikers walk across this double track shortly before reaching Highway 58 at the Cameron exit. Here is where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses the "double track". View...