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Hiking, Western US, Yosemite / 15.10.2010

Yosemite log day 2 Made it to Merced lake. This is good because there are bear lockers and all of my food won't fit in cannister. Sitting by the lake watching the last light of day and drinking wine. Little Yosemite valley is better than I expected. In fact it is spectacular. Domes close in on both sides and I walked along a river while admiring giant Sugar Pines and the glimmering water. In Lost Valley the canyon narrows further. Every spot would be a major attraction in my home...

Hiking, Western US, Yosemite / 15.10.2010

Yosemite Log - Day 1 Day 1 - The Valley A travel day. Mariott checkout, rental car return, Amtrak train, Yart shuttle, valley shuttle, and the back and forth for hiking permit and last minute supplies. I stash my suitcase in a bear locker. It is the putting away of one life as a first step of a new life. I am laying under my tarp. The valley sounds of children scampering, families moving, and retired couples sitting are replaced by a few of the backpacker campground neighbors standing by crackling...