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Hiking, Western US, Yosemite / 15.10.2010

Yosemite Log - Day 1 Day 1 - The Valley A travel day. Mariott checkout, rental car return, Amtrak train, Yart shuttle, valley shuttle, and the back and forth for hiking permit and last minute supplies. I stash my suitcase in a bear locker. It is the putting away of one life as a first step of a new life. I am laying under my tarp. The valley sounds of children scampering, families moving, and retired couples sitting are replaced by a few of the backpacker campground neighbors standing by crackling...

Hiking, Western US, Yosemite / 01.11.2009

I was in San Ramon, California on a business trip to meet the people who worked in the Voice Mail Tier I/II support center who I had just been assigned to manage. Since I was conviently close to Yosemite, I stayed over an extra week to backpack through the wilderness for 8 days. My first day of backpacking was on October 17th, a little late in the season with many facilities closed or cut back in an area famous for its heavy snowfalls. The positives was were vanished crowds and...