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Hiking, Snowbird Wilderness, Southeast / 22.02.2017

It wasn't the best start. I had just left my van and crossed the footbridge over Snowbird creek. I saw where the trail turned uphill. It also continued up the creek, but I thought that direction was false; a trail made by trout fishermen. It was a wrong turn. The trail followed a smaller creek, rising steeply. Eventually the trail nearly disappeared but I could see the ridge top just ahead. I popped out onto a leafy road. Following this road and my GPS, I was able to...

Hiking, Snowbird Wilderness, Southeast / 31.01.2017

[caption id="attachment_2833" align="alignnone" width="700"] Middle Falls (Snowbird Creek)[/caption] How many days have you hiked without seeing another person? If not days, how many hours? On this January weekend, I hiked for 2 days through the Snowbird Wilderness Study Area without seeing another person. In fact, I didn't see people or vehicles at the trailhead parking area. I didn't even see people or vehicles along the 4 - 5 mile length of the one lane  unpaved Forest Service Road 75 that leads to "Junction" the start of Snowbird Creek (Trail...