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Hiking, Smoky Mountains, Southeast / 13.12.2008

I left directly from work Friday afternoon and drove through Robbinsville, NC on the way to Twenty-Mile Ranger Station in the Smokies. Along the way it had been raining and as I reached Robbinsville there was a mix of rain and snow. I arrived late at night with the snow coming down. Several young guys arrived and parked soon after I pulled in. They were planning to night hike to the top of Gregory Bald. My plan was more modest and involved hiking a mile or so into...

Hiking, Smoky Mountains, Southeast / 08.11.2008

This is a 5 day backpacking hike from Round Bottom along trails between Mount Guyot and Cataloochee. November 4th, 2008 - Beech Mountain Trail and Balsam Mountain Trail I was all packed and ready to drive directly from work to Round Bottom where my plan was to night hike 4.5 miles to Laurel Gap Shelter. Traffic on I-85 in Atlanta was awful, but I was on my way soon enough. After a wrong turn in Cherokee and some wandering through the Cherokee Indian Reservation on a night time search for...