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PCT Planning, PCT Thru Hike / 18.12.2017

Short of actual experience, a great way to prepare for a PCT thru hike is to become familiar with the PCT thru-hike top hazards and challenges by reading PCT thru-hiker blogs.  (Read on for some of the best of these stories from 2017.)  No matter your experience with hardship, you are likely to have a wake up call when you actually encounter any number of challenges. Short of actual hardship experience, reading other's stories in advance helps the brain process the degree of difficulty, perhaps reducing the shock...

Hiking, Pacific Crest Trail, Western US / 26.07.2015

Ridge Lake to Snoqualmie 6 miles The rain and wind started lightly, but in very little time I had water dripping from the roof at the lower end of my tent. I woke up at 1 AM and realized that the foot of my bag was in a puddle of water. I scrunched up toward the upper end of the tent and attempted to stay dry. Water was also leaking through the seam for the rain fly door and water coated the entire inside of the fly. I need to...