Day 116 - Rugged Northern Cascades - Uphillhike
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Day 116 – Rugged Northern Cascades

At mile 2646.2. Hiked 26.4 miles today.

Excitement is building because today we will end only 6 miles short of Canada.

After passing Hart’s Pass I began to see Larches. For hikers without a Canadian Entry Permit, they can only hike to the border, then turn around and hike 30 miles back to Hart’s Pass. In other words, they hike that same 30 mile stretch twice. I know a number of hikers that had to do this.

Here is a photo of some Larches. 

The trail.

From a mile away by trail I can see Lake Hopkins, our destination for the night.

Closer to Lake Hopkins.

Made into to camp at Lake Hopkins. Selfie was already there. He came by and offered us celebratory wine on the eve of reaching the border. Later on, Extra Mile showed up. She had put in a longer day so she could be at the border with others the next morning.