Day 99 - Goat Rocks - Uphillhike
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Day 99 – Goat Rocks

At mile 2279.5. Hiked 30.1 miles today. Total 5830 foot ascent today. Steeper grades and rocky trail surfaces in portions of Goat Rock near Knife’s Edge. Two significant snow crossings on steep slopes. 

We noticed patterns in the trail that indicated it rained in some areas the previous night, but I have yet to have rainbow on my tent.

Here is some Larkspur.

Here are photos of the Goat Rocks area.

A cairn.


I liked this unusual pile of rocks.

We took care crossing here. A misstep and we would slid past the snow onto rocks. The slope is much steeper than it appears in this photo.

The trail.

I walked on top and enjoyed the beauty even though you feet were sore and legs tired at 27 plus miles into the day.

More of the stunning trail.

View during late day rest break.

Cache22 moving down the trail.