Day 4 - Sleeping under a rock - Uphillhike
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Day 4 – Sleeping under a rock

Hiked 18.2 miles today, At mile 55.9

I don’t know what I’ve come to, but only 4 days and I’m already sleeping under a rock. I’m camping above Oriflamme Canyon and usual tent spots are taken. I found a small open patch near the edge. I tried, but couldn’t get my tarp to stay up in the wind, so I moved back under a rock and snuggled up to the side where the wind is a little less.

I took advantage of cooler hours in the early morn and early evening and I felt much better. 

Geeat scemary everywhere. I could look out across miles of desert thousands of feet below. I could see the Salton Sea to the east and a snow cappped mountain to the North. Here are a few photo highlights.

Reached higher elevation and at Mt Laguna saw first pine trees. I loved the shade of these tall trees.

Here is the trail




Trail was sometimes near the edge of a drop off.


Some Mountain views 

My bed tonight

View from my camp spot