Day 2 - Slowing Down, Getting Organized, Establishing Routine - Uphillhike
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Day 2 – Slowing Down, Getting Organized, Establishing Routine

15.6 miles today, at mile 20

I saw two shooting stars sleeping under the stars in the mountain desert.  Here is a cool photo of my camp in the dark early morn.

I’ll never get management out of my blood. Today I am reminding myself that I am in this for the long haul. Give my body a chance to adapt. Establish the right routines early. For example, don’t skip flossing. Small thing, but I’ll be here 6 months. On short hikes I could get away with a little sun burn and a sore knee or back. Here, for 6 months, the smallest thing can become chronic and make me uncomfortable for weeks or lead to me quitting. I’m also getting trail organized which is different from hike preparation. I have the right things with me, but I need to keep up with them and have them where I want when I want. No small thing. You wouldn’t believe how much time is spent digging to the bottom of a pack to find something like your sunscreen.

After 10 miles these great intentions went out the window. I zoomed up a 1000 plus foot climb in the exposed afternoon sun. Passing others that were ducked under rocks for shade. By the time I reached the top I felt sick. After laying in the shade I finally managed to recover. Yep, I over did it!

The trail

Rock formations were everywhere.






Manzanita (Little Apples) I love the color of the bark.

Prickley Pear Cactus

Snake. First of 2 that I saw today.

View of Lake Morena